ZYAF 2019

Do you dare to be divine ?

This tool helps track our progress as we journey along our spiritual paths. Let us use it to organize and monitor our spiritual activities. Be inspired by spiritual seekers from all over the world as we motivate and encourage each other to be Divine!


Daily Prayers And Meditation

Have patience and wait prayerfully. Prayer can bring about the impossible. Recite the Glory of the Lord and repeat in the cavern of your heart His Name. That will bring success.

SSS Vol II Ch 32 - Inner Progress- p181

So there are three stages, concentration, contemplation and meditation. Concentration can be compared to the state of “One you think you are”. “One others think you are” is contemplation. Meditation enables us to recognize the state of “One you really are”.

Sathya Sai Baba excerpts from discourse: 05-25-1979


Let's dare to practice daily Prayers and Meditation to be Divine!

Prayers can be done almost anywhere irrespective of where we are. Meditation can help us experience our oneness with Sai. Prayers and Meditation help to calm the mind, elevate the surrounding vibrations, and invoke positive qualities within ourselves.

A simple way to start Prayers is to chant the Gayatri Mantra or Prayers from any faith.

Not sure how to Meditate? Start with a simple Soham or Light Meditation. Let’s hear from Swami!

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Chant prayer 3 times - 3 points
  • Chant prayer 9 times - 9 points
  • Chant prayer 12 times - 12 points
  • Chant 108 times - 90 points
  • Meditation/Introspection for 3 minutes - 3 points
  • Meditation/Introspection for 9 mins - 9 points
  • Meditation/Introspection for 12 minutes - 12 points
  • Meditation/Introspection for 108 minutes - 90 points

Healthy Living

As is the food, so is the mind;
As is the mind, so are the thoughts;
As are the thoughts, so is the conduct;
As is the conduct, so is the health.

Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 27, Ch 3, 21/1/1994


Let’s dare to live a happy, healthy life with purpose and joy.


Food is the main source of our lives, bodies, minds, and characters so we should only eat what we need. The quality of the food that we eat should be pure, clean, sanctified, and satwic. This can be done in conjunction with the Healthy Living Track.

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Ate only while hungry/until full - 3 points
  • Left a clean plate - 3 points
  • Bought fresh, local produce instead of processed food - 5 points

Physical Health

We can start by diligently taking care of our physical bodies. This can be done through any means we choose, as long as it’s regular and safe.

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • 10 minute light stretch or yoga - 10 points
  • 30 minute workout - 30 points
  • 60 minute workout - 60 points
  • 90 minute workout - 90 points
  • Did a hike or outdoor activities - 90 points

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy, balanced meals are important for maintaining a healthy mind, body and emotional balance. Let’s track each meal so we can improve our overall health and well-being. Each time we eat healthy, we’ll score some points on our personal health objectives.

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Ate a low sugar or carbohydrate meal - 10 points
  • Ate a green meal - 10 points
  • Resisted the urge to overeat - 5 points
  • Fasted for the half day - 15 points
  • Fasted for the day - 30 points
  • Other - 10 points

Balanced Lifestyle

Let’s take a step back and think - can we improve in this area of our lives? It's important for us to live a balanced life that includes quality time with family, friends, and loved ones. Loving relationships are integral to our lives as we positively influence each other.

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Shared a meal with loved one - 10 points
  • Played a game with loved one - 10 points
  • Enjoyed family/friends outing - 15 points
  • Differentiate work life from personal life(no emails or calls during family time) - 20 points

Service To Others

Spend the years of life, the wherewithal you earn or possess, in the service of others who are in distress. Love grows on such service. Service is the sincerest form of adoration of God.

Sathya Sai Speaks, 11.25: May 15, 1971

The wise ones use money, strength, intelligence, skills, aptitudes and opportunities for helping others and making their lives happier. Thus, they win divine grace. For sevā (selfless service) is the highest form of worship.

Sathya Sai Speaks, 18.23: November 21, 1985


Let’s dare to serve to our fullest!

Now’s the time to document our service activities far away from thoughts of ego, pomp, or show, but simply as a personal journal. Through the practice of serving others we can experience inner joy and peace. Service helps us understand our fellow brothers and sisters, helping us develop our compassion. Service to man is service to God so let’s serve to fill our hearts’ content and grow in divine love.

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Aided with neighborhood enhancement - 20 points
  • Helped those with special needs - 30 points
  • Visited senior citizens - 30 points
  • Assisted homeless and/or hungry - 40 points
  • Benefitted the environment - 30 points
  • Aided immigrant/refugee community - 30 points
  • Helped animals - 30 points
  • Mentored others - 10 points
  • Donated (blood, tech, care packages, etc) - 15 points
  • Minor service - 15 points
  • Major service - 30 points

Go Green

From birth to death, from dawn till night, man pursues fleeting pleasures by the exploitation, the despoiling, the desecration of Nature, ignoring the truth that it is the property of God the Creator, and any injury caused to it is a sacrilege, which merits dire punishment.

Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 18

The world is losing its ecological balance as man out of utter selfishness, is robbing mother Earth of her resources like coal, petroleum, iron, etc. As a result, we are seeing natural calamities. Human life will find fulfillment only when ecological balance is maintained.

Quotes of Sathya Sai Baba in Tread Softly by Tina K. Schweickert (pg. 42)


Let us dare to care for our planet!

Our dear Mother Earth has been serving us for so long. Now, it is out turn to return the favor! Let’s aim to lead a zero waste lifestyle! There are many benefits of taking on the go green initiative. It reduces our climate impact, conserves resources, and minimizes pollution. With momentum, zero waste can benefit communities and support strong local economies. Beyond just keeping items out of landfills, it helps to encourage consumers to avoid disposable products in favor of sustainable ones. The Go Green Track will help guide us to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Used reusable cutlery and reusable metal straws - 5 points
  • Used cloth napkins/hand towels - 5 points
  • Used reusable water bottles - 5 points
  • Used reusable cloth shopping bags - 5 points
  • Made a happy, clean plate - 3 points
  • Started a compost bin - 40 points
  • Switched normal light bulbs with LED/CFL - 50 points
  • Other ( you decide) - 5 points
  • Other ( you decide) - 20 points

Ceiling on Desires

Do Not Waste Food
Do Not Waste Money
Do Not Waste Time
Do Not Waste Energy
Do Not Exploit Nature

Teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Volume 1


Let’s aim to conserve food, money, time, and energy to practice Ceiling on Desires. With the subsections for each of these practices, we can track our efforts to consume food in moderation and differentiate between our needs and wants to live efficient, productive, yet minimalistic lives.


Food is the main source of our lives, bodies, minds, and characters so we should only eat what we need. The quality of the food that we eat should be pure, clean, sanctified, and satwic. This can be done in conjunction with the Healthy Living Track

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Ate only while hungry/until full - 3 points
  • Left a clean plate - 3 points
  • Bought fresh, local produce instead of processed food - 5 points


Let’s be mindful of our spending and use money for the betterment of society. Instead of splurging on the newest fashion trends, let’s put our money towards charitable efforts and even towards the future!

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Avoided unnecessary purchases - 3 points
  • Put money towards personal education/skill development - 5 points
  • Replaced restaurant meal with home-cooked meal - 10 points
  • Made a weekly/monthly budget - 20 points
  • Adhered to weekly budget - 30 points
  • Adhered to monthly budget - 40 points


Time is the embodiment of God. Thus, we should work towards spending our time in a useful manner. It should be respected because everything in this creation is dependent on time. Breaking down a day, there are 86,400 seconds available to us. Why waste it when we can spend it on something effective?

Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Reduced overall time spent on social media - 10 points
  • Limited TV time/Web time - 10 points
  • Utilized free time effectively (learned something new, reading , listening to audio book, playing musical instrument, singing bhajans, Reading Sai Literature, Introspection, etc.) - 20 points
  • Made a daily/weekly to-do list- 20 points
  • Adhered to daily schedule- 2 points/task
  • Adhered to weekly schedule- 30 points


Let’s use our physical, mental, and spiritual energies to uplift ourselves and the community. The path of Divinity is not seeing, listening, speaking, thinking, or doing anything bad. Let’s conserve our energy in these five areas, and make our lives more meaningful by living up to our potential.

See no evil—see what is good.
Hear no evil—hear what is good.
Speak no evil—speak what is good.
Think no evil—think what is good.
Do no evil—do what is good.
This is the way to God.


Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • Sleep only until rested - 5 points
  • Avoid physical violence - 10 points
  • Avoid verbal criticism - 10 points
  • Avoid mental criticism - 20 points
  • Maintained control over emotions the entire day - 20 points
  • Spoke softly and sweetly the entire day - 40 points
  • Actively work to transform anger into love/forgiveness - 40 points

Sai Literature

Regular Study of Sai Literature


To “Dare to be Divine,” practicing the teachings of Sai is vital. In order for us to practise His teachings, we need to know what His teachings are, with reverence and deep understanding. This section provides suggestions/recommendations on Sai-literature that directly relates to the Young Adults.

The following are the suggestions:

  1. My Dear Students - Vol 1,2,3,4,5
  2. Sai Baba’s Mahavakya on Leadership
  3. Summer Showers Series
  4. Interactions with Students
  5. Religious/Faith-based literature
Spiritual Bank Account Deposits
  • 3 paragraphs - 5 Wisdom points
  • 6 Paragraphs - 10 Wisdom points
  • Half a chapter - 30 Wisdom points
  • One chapter - 60 Wisdom points
  • 2 chapters - 90 Wisdom points